Salon Equipment | 3 Ideal Curling Iron Materials for Professional Salons

Hairdressing equipment like curling irons remain important assets to most professional salons thanks to their ability to produce bounciness, curls and volume in limp hair. This type of salon equipment comes in multiple material choices that perform different functions. Choosing between materials can be daunting when you don't understand functionality, but making the right decision will go a long way in ensuring the long-term success of your salon. This guide is designed to help you choose curling iron materials for your professional salon.

Ceramic Curling Irons

A ceramic curling iron is perhaps the most popular material choice for most professional salons and cosmetologists because it offers even heat distribution and eradicates heat spots that can damage hair. A ceramic curling iron also adds moisture by producing negative ions. This makes it smooth and convenient to use on all types of hair without causing much damage. Salon equipment like ceramic curling irons work well on thin and thick hair because of their even heat distribution and frizz-taming properties.

Tourmaline Curling Irons

Tourmaline is a type of gemstone spread into the surface of the curling iron. A tourmaline curling iron magnifies the ceramic curling iron benefit because it releases more negative ions for smoother hair cuticles. While tourmaline is not usually used to construct plates, it doubles up as a coating for solid ceramic plates to enhance your control over styling hair. Tourmaline curling irons offer enhanced smoothness without any chipping while ensuring even heat distribution across all hair strands. They also trap moisture to retain the natural lustre of hair beautifully. Because of its gemstone properties, tourmaline tends to be more expensive than other types of curling iron salon equipment. But these curling irons produce unparalleled hair curling effects, making them the ideal choice for professional salon owners. Tourmaline curling irons work well on all types of hair.

Titanium Curling Irons

Titanium curling irons are also popular with salon professionals because these tools offer a slick surface for eliminating stickiness and snags. Titanium curling irons heat up quickly and produce even heat distribution for minimal hair damage, enabling you to seamlessly glide through hair without any difficulty. They also retain moisture and promote shiny hair, making them a good choice for salons. Titanium is a long-lasting metal, so it is unlikely to corrode and will last you for a long time. Titanium works best for medium and thick hair because it produces a high amount of heat.  

Most hairdressing entrepreneurs prefer to choose a variety of curling iron materials as part of their salon equipment repertoire because it gives them the flexibility to use different materials when required. Contact a company like Elasta Hairdressing Suppliers to find the tools you need.