5 natural anti-ageing remedies you should know about

Ageing is a natural process that you cannot run away from. However, what's important is to delay it as long as possible. Today, there are many anti-ageing treatments available such as Botox, laser skin resurfacing, chemical peels and so on. However, the interesting bit is that you can make natural remedies for anti-ageing on your own without spending over the odds. Read on for more insight.

Natural anti-ageing remedies


Get a fresh coconut and grate it up to a full cup. Avoid using canned coconut milks as they often contain preservatives which might not work for you. Then, squeeze the milk out of the grated coconut using your hands. Apply the milk on your face for roughly ten minutes and rinse it off. Coconut milk mimics sebum, a natural product produced by the skin to protect itself which helps reduce wrinkles and lines as well as a youthful glow.


Avocado is a popular home remedy for lines and wrinkles and affords your skin better elasticity by refilling moisture. Grate the avocado into a paste, and apply the resulting paste on your skin for around 10-12 minutes. During this time, you may massage your skin with the avocado paste. Afterwards, rinse off your skin. The fats present in the avocado smooth and plump your skin.


Does your work involve sitting several hours in front of a laptop or desktop computer? Over time, this work routine degenerates the condition of the skin around the eyes, making it appear dull and gloomy. Get your hands on the purest form of honey directly from an apiary if possible. Take a few drops and massage the skin near your eyes before retiring to bed. The honey moisturizes dry skin.


You are probably a fan of lemonades during the hot summer months, but guess what, lemon boasts of bleaching properties which work wonders to ease age spots and wrinkles on the skin with frequent use. Apply droplets of lemon juice on your face and especially those areas with age spots, lines and wrinkles. Leave it to settle for ten minutes and then rinse off.


Have you started noticing those early signs of ageing? Wrinkles and fine lines? A pineapple could come in handy in helping delay those aging signs. Get a pineapple and slice it up. Using the slices, rub them on your face and skin for around five minutes. Allow ten minutes to settle and then rinse off.

For more information on anti-ageing treatments, talk to a professional.