Hairdressing Supplies | 3 Ideal Features To Look For In Your Salon’s Next Curling Iron

Curling irons are ideal for producing natural curls –– adding both volume and texture to hair, so naturally every salon owner wants to add them to their repertoire. These types of hairdressing supplies come in a myriad of shapes, styles and sizes, so you need to establish what you specifically want from your curling irons. Some features allow you to style hair differently from others, so be sure to look for these in your salon's next curling iron based on your specific needs.

Higher Speed Of Barrel Heating

Some curling irons heat faster than others, which make it easier for professional salon owners to be more efficient when catering to a number of different customers throughout the day. Curling irons that take several minutes to heat up will result in lost time, which can affect your productivity at work. Ideally, you should look for ceramic-based curling irons because they heat up instantly, providing consistent and evenly spaced curls for your customers. If you're looking for both efficiency and consistency when choosing these types of hairdressing supplies for your hair salon, make sure the barrel heating speed is high.

Make Sure The Curling Iron Has Variable Heat Options

Some curling irons have just the power setting for turning them on and off. While these are ideal for home use, your salon could do with a more professional-grade version that allows you to change the heat options when necessary. This is vital because your salon clients are likely to have different types of hair –– ranging from extremely thick to thin. For thick hair, you can use higher heat settings, but for fine locks, you're better off using lower heat settings for the best results. Variable heat options are also ideal for curling layers and bangs, so make sure you choose these varieties of hairdressing supplies for your salon.

Choose Barrel Size And Interchangeability Features For Flexible Results

Smaller barrels are ideal for creating smaller curls, while larger sized barrels are suited for creating loose and large curls. Every customer will want a different type of hair curling experience, so you should ideally choose an interchangeable curling iron. This way you can offer both tight and loose curls to your customers on different occasions. An interchangeable curling iron is usually available with several barrels that sit on a single base, so you can create all types of curls depending on the needs of your salon clients.

When buying hairdressing supplies like curling irons for your salon, consider looking for these ideal features to offer a high-quality curling experience.