Hair Hacks: Tips to Achieve the Perfect Curls on Your Flip In Hair Extensions

Flip in hair extensions provides a great way of updating your hairstyle and appearance without dyeing, lengthening or making other dramatic transformations to your hair. One of the advantages of flip in hair extensions is that you don't have to use clips, glue, or have the extensions weaved into your hair. It is easy to achieve a seamlessly natural look with these extensions, especially when you choose extensions that match the texture and length of your hair. One of the biggest challenges that most people face with extensions is attaining perfect curls. Read on for some tips on how to get these perfect curls with your flip in hair extension.

Use low heat

Always set your curling iron to low or medium heat when hot curling. High heat can damage the locks of the extension, causing it to split, break, or lose luster over time. If this happens, it will be very easy for someone to tell that you are wearing extensions. Note that even when curling your natural hair, using very high heat is not advisable, as it can slowly weaken the hair and cause breakage and splitting.

Use gentle rollers

Brush rollers and rollers that require sticks or pins to secure them can damage your hair extensions by pulling hard on the hair. Smooth and gentle rollers such as those that use magnets or paper are ideal for hair extensions if you want to achieve perfect curls without ruining your hair. Be gentle when placing the rollers and don't pull hard on the hair. The same care should be taken when removing them as well.

Work with large portions

When curling natural hair, most people tend to work with small portions of hair at a time, which helps achieve beautiful curls. However, in the case of flip in extensions, you may want to work with large swaths of hair at a time. Use large diameter rollers and a curling iron to achieve bigger curls on the extensions. After that, you can finger comb them to your desired style. The reason for this is that using smaller portions of hair causes you to over-comb or over-brush the extensions.

Don't remove extensions

Flip in hair extensions are easy to install. In fact, most people can do it themselves. However, don't be tempted to remove the extensions to curl them because you can end up ruining your look. Always curl the extensions on your head, as you can accurately determine the size and placement of each curl for a natural look.

Achieving perfect curls with hair extensions is not for the faint-hearted. If you don't feel confident, visit a hair professional and get the perfect curls on your flip in extensions. You may also get valuable maintenance advice as well.