Five Reasons to Choose Sportswear Made With Natural Fibres

Moisture-wicking synthetic fibres have become all the rage in the world of sportswear, but you may want to consider being a maverick and opting to wear natural fibres instead. Want to know more about the benefits of natural fibres in your sportswear? Take a look at the following:

1. Natural fibres don't harbour odours as much.

When scientists decided to compare the odours of natural and synthetic fibre sportswear, they quickly discovered that the synthetic options smelt worse. Upon further analysis, the scientists discovered that bacteria thrive more effectively on polyester fabrics than cotton. As a result, if you throw your synthetic sportswear into your bag or gym locker, it's likely to smell worse at the end of the day than your natural fibre sportswear.

2. Natural fibres are more sustainable.

Polyester workout clothes are made from petroleum oils, and in contrast, wool and cotton sportswear are made by shearing sheep or harvesting cotton plants. That means your polyester sportswear is based on fossil fuels while natural clothes come from renewable sources. Arguably, that makes natural workout clothes better for the environment than synthetic fabrics. If you are trying to make sustainable shopping choices, natural sportswear may need to be on the list.

3. Sportswear designers are integrating more natural fibres.

In the past, it may have been challenging to find sportswear made of natural fabrics other than cotton, but a new crop of sportswear designers is changing all of that. Now, it is possible to buy wool, hemp and even bamboo sportswear.

4. Natural fibres can feel nice against your skin.

If you have ever worn a wool jumper knitted by one of your relations, you may have an image of wool as scratchy or uncomfortable. Similarly, many people also think of bamboo and hemp as scratchy or stiff. However, that is not necessarily true. For example, bamboo fabric is so soft that many people say it feels like cashmere.

5. Synthetic fabrics aren't that healthy.

Unfortunately, synthetic fabrics have unhealthy substances on them, and when you are going out of your way to exercise, you shouldn't counteract your efforts by wearing unhealthy clothing. In particular, synthetic fabrics can contain formaldehyde, wood pulp, flame-retardant chemicals and other chemicals and residues. As you workout, those elements can be absorbed into your skin. Natural fabrics don't carry the same threats.

Want to learn more about the differences between synthetic and natural fibres? Contact a sportswear rep directly. They can help you find the workout gear that's best for your needs.