Tips On Starting Your Own Beauty Business

The beauty business is a great career choice, and once you've completed your chosen courses at beauty school, you might have aspirations to open your very own beauty salon.  Here are some top tips on how to make your new beauty business a success.

Be business savvy

You might be qualified and skilled in beauty therapy techniques, but you'll also need to take some business training too.  This is essential if you are to run and manage your business successfully.  Key areas in which you should train include:

  • budgets
  • staff management and HR
  • administration
  • accounts

Opening a beauty salon is a potentially expensive venture, and it might be a good idea to consider starting out with a mobile business first.  This will enable you to hone your business and beauty skills and build up a customer base so that you are better equipped to run a shop-based venture in the future.

Rules and regulations

Before you can start in business, it's vital that you have a good grasp of the rules concerning what qualifications, licences, and insurance you need to be able to offer a wide range of beauty treatments and services. 

Bear in mind that you may need planning permission from your local authority if you're intending to make alterations to your property.  You will also need to obtain hazard data sheets for all the products that you are likely to use that are classified as hazardous.  Your local authority will also be able to advise you on this.


It's very important that you have a good grasp of how to draw up and manage a budget for your salon.  This will help you to stay on track for a profit each month and will also help you to plan for future investment and replenishment of stock. 

Hire the right staff

If you are to secure regular customers, you must make sure that you hire well-qualified staff members who have good people skills too.  It's also a really good idea to hire one highly experienced therapist that you and less experienced staff members can learn from.  Although this may cost you more in the short term, the long term value that you can gain from such a staff member will be more than worth the investment.

Use the web

A sure-fire way of publicising your new business is to use the internet.  Get yourself a good website and utilise social media to promote yourself and your new salon.  Facebook can be a wonderful marketing tool if used to its full potential and it would be worthwhile including a basic digital marketing course on your list of business skills to acquire.

In conclusion

Starting your own beauty salon can be a really exciting and profitable venture if you go about it in the right way.  Follow the tips given above to get your business off to a flying start.