Hair Hacks: Tips to Achieve the Perfect Curls on Your Flip In Hair Extensions

Flip in hair extensions provides a great way of updating your hairstyle and appearance without dyeing, lengthening or making other dramatic transformations to your hair. One of the advantages of flip in hair extensions is that you don't have to use clips, glue, or have the extensions weaved into your hair. It is easy to achieve a seamlessly natural look with these extensions, especially when you choose extensions that match the texture and length of your hair. Read More 

Techniques to remove excess facial hair in women

While a lot of men start shaving their faces from adolescence, many women also want to remove facial hair but aren't sure of the best technique. Here are some pros and cons of the different options.   Shaving Shaving doesn't need to just be for men's face. Many women also grab a razor and clean the peach fuzz from their cheeks and clean up a hairy upper lip. Proponents also suggest that shaving gives a slight exfoliating effect by removing some of the top layer of skin. Read More 

5 natural anti-ageing remedies you should know about

Ageing is a natural process that you cannot run away from. However, what's important is to delay it as long as possible. Today, there are many anti-ageing treatments available such as Botox, laser skin resurfacing, chemical peels and so on. However, the interesting bit is that you can make natural remedies for anti-ageing on your own without spending over the odds. Read on for more insight. Natural anti-ageing remedies Coconut Read More